A Birthday Celebration #SOL16 Day 6


We moved to a smaller house last year with no real dining room area.  Today is my mother-in-law’s birthday and we invited everyone back for cake after the lunch celebration at a nearby restaurant.  My husband was not happy about the idea of bringing up the folding table and chairs to set up in the small room off the kitchen but I insisted.  “It matters to me. I want to have the kind of celebration where everyone sits around the same table.”

I’ll admit there was some grumbling and frustration this morning when we raced to get the house squeaky clean and looking just right for our guests.  But it all paid off when my mother, mother-in-law, and brother-in-law came into the sun-filled house for coffee, tea, and birthday cake. They all took a seat at the table decked out in a new colorful tablecloth with birthday plates and cups at the ready. Our four-year old was thrilled to sing “Happy Birthday” and blow out the candles sitting between his two grandmas.

As I served the coffee and tea and finally took a seat I looked around and beamed at the scene in front of me.  Everyone was relaxed and enjoying one another’s company.  There was lively conversation and my son’s excitement as he handed my mother-in-law her birthday gifts to open.

Was it a lot of work for less than an hour visit?  Let me tell you how I measure that. My son got to spend some quality time with two grandmothers who absolutely adore him. He saw his parents work hard to prepare for the celebration because they’ve shown him that family matters.  I don’t mind working hard to show my family how much I love and respect them. These small celebrations matter. They are the moments that add up to forever memories to store in our hearts when our loved ones leave us one day.


5 thoughts on “A Birthday Celebration #SOL16 Day 6”

  1. This kind of modeling is important for our families, absolutely! I have a townhome which is fine for little ol’ me but entertaining can be tight and sometimes I defer to my siblings who have single family homes- but this inspires me to model that same enthusiasm as an act of love, spacious or not!

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