End of Week Treasures #SOL16 Day 11


It was a very long, very busy week back to work.  I might have pushed myself a bit too much.  But how do you only turn your effort volume up to 5 when you really want to be at 10?  There was so much to do and I was glad to be back and busy in the library.

There is nothing like being witness to kids excited about books that fuels you.  I loved seeing them after a long hiatus and getting them pumped up about our upcoming author visits.  However, by this afternoon I ran out of gas.  I had planned to stay after school to prepare for the next few weeks.  My husband would pick up our son from school and I had the opportunity to come home when I finished.  However, as the last bell rang I realized I really didn’t have any more to give.

I finished up a few things and packed a bag to bring home to do the work when I have more energy over the weekend.  I walked to the back of the library and discovered this note left on the white board and I burst into tears.


This right here…the pure goodness of my students is the reason I want to give my all.  I am so grateful to be doing a job I love so much.

When I got home from work I was greeted by my husband and little guy.  I cleaned out my son’s backpack and found some drawings he did at school today.  Within the past week he has really started to add more details and chooses to draw in his free time.  This was the picture that made me smile.


After I told him how much I loved his colorful picture, I asked him to explain the details to me.

He said, “That’s me when I be a Dad someday.  And there’s a mom and there’s a brother and a sister. ”

I love discovering what is in his mind and in his heart through words and now through pictures.  What a lucky mom I am!

I would say those were the best two treasures a Friday afternoon could provide.


4 thoughts on “End of Week Treasures #SOL16 Day 11”

  1. I have a picture just like that from when my daughter was younger. Treasured memories. Thanks for the reminder. Love the note from your kiddos. They really keep us going long past the point we think we are able. 🙂

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  2. Just when your energy runs low, there is something to re-energize you and remind you why you put so much into your job. Love that your son already sees that one day he will be a dad. So sweet!

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