Morning Walk #SOL16 Day 12


I met a friend to walk at 6am this morning.  One of the things I love about moving to the town where I teach is the opportunity to spend time with colleagues who have become friends.

“I have $20 in my pocket.  Let’s walk to Starbucks for breakfast and walk back.  I’ve got to ease myself back into this walking routine,” I say.

She laughs and we walk along the river towards town.  Within minutes she has offered sage advice and positives to a negative situation I’m relaying to her.  As we head over the bridge she stops me to point out two magnificent, regal swans gliding through the water below.

By the time we’ve reached Starbucks all my worries have been extinguished by simply talking things through with her and enjoying the natural world around us.  I’m home by 7:30am and ready to take on the day.


4 thoughts on “Morning Walk #SOL16 Day 12”

  1. That’s awesome. A great walk to ease back into it. A great conversation to ease your worries. A great snack at Starbucks to ease into celebrating a great start to the day! Great slice!


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