Saturday Night Stories #SOL16 Day 13


I came home to this scene between my husband and son last night.  They were playing a game where you put together puzzle pieces to form a word.  They were practicing saying each letter and then the word using the beginning sound and picture as cues.  When I came through the door my son shouted, “Mom!  Don’t come in yet!  We are making beautiful art for you!”


I stayed out of the living room until he was ready.  They set up each picture card on the floor and my son eagerly called me over to show me what he had worked so hard to make. Then he decided he should make a story out of the word cards.  He dug into his Magna-tile box to make me a “cup of tea” (see the “cup of tea” box in the picture below) and asked me to sit in the chair to watch him make his story.


His story involved two bad guys, the bug and the fox, who had a powerful magical ring that changed the other animals into babies.  The frog turned into a tadpole, the duck turned into a duckling, and the cow turned into a calf.  But the police came and figured out how to use the magical ring to turn all the animals back to themselves.  Before the police were finished, though, they turned the bug and the fox into babies.

What a gift to hear his creative mind at work. He has figured out story elements such as conflict and resolution and good overcoming evil.  He asked my husband and me to make up stories. Then he made himself a “cup of juice” and took a seat to listen.  Our stories were not nearly as creative as his.


He loves stories and I’m thrilled to see him initiate an activity like this one.  I cannot think of a better way to spend a Saturday night.


4 thoughts on “Saturday Night Stories #SOL16 Day 13”

  1. It sounds like a great family night at your house. 🙂 Enjoy these precious moments. Little kids are so much fun but they are grown before you know it.


  2. I loved every bit of this slice, but my favorite part has to be your son yelling, “Mom! Don’t come in yet! We are making beautiful art for you!” You’re right–this was a fantastic way to spend your Saturday evening!

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