A Letter to My Mother-in-Law #SOL16 Day 14


To My Mother-In-Law:

How do I begin to thank you for the gift that is your son?  You have raised him to be level-headed, self-sufficient, hard-working, and kind.  I know you made sure that all of your boys knew how to do their own laundry, iron, and cook the basics before they left to live on their own. Through your example he learned how to clean and to take pride in himself and his surroundings.

You didn’t coddle him but he always knew that he was loved.  You volunteered in his school for cafeteria duty and you knew all of his neighborhood friends.  You and the other moms went down to City Hall for a scheduled appointment with the Mayor when you thought the neighborhood park could be cleaned up and made safer for your children.  You have saved the important things from his childhood like his christening outfit, his baby brush, and notes and cards he wrote in grade school.  I am in awe of how you carefully preserved these treasures, particularly because he was your third child!

I am incredibly grateful to you because I get to benefit from all your hard work.  Your son is loyal and thoughtful.  He’s the one you want in a crisis because he handles things and makes you feel that everything is going to be okay.

He shows our little family unconditional love.  He is so patient and nurturing with our son. He spends his free time playing with him and teaching him how to cut with scissors, how to identify and draw his letters and numbers, and how to rhyme.  He does all of these things in a fun way so that our son begs to do it all again the next day. He gives him the gift of his time and attention.  I hear him at night asking our son the details of his day.  In turn, our son knows how loved he is.  And he absolutely adores his father right back.  Their Saturday morning trips to “the toodle store” (Lowe’s) and the bakery give our son quality time with his Dad that he treasures.

You have never judged me or said a harsh word.  You’ve always made me feel loved and accepted into your family.  You’ve given advice only when I’ve sought it out.  You are strong and ladylike and always up on current events for a good chat over tea.  You like to laugh and you love all dogs and babies.  You are a kind and gentle soul.  I’m so glad your son has so many of your qualities.  I’m so glad you’ve instilled honorable values in him.

I will pay you back by always loving and honoring your son.  I will pay you back by raising our son with good values and a tremendous amount of love.  I hope I will be a mother that a daughter-in-law will be thankful for some day too.


Your Daughter-In-Law




8 thoughts on “A Letter to My Mother-in-Law #SOL16 Day 14”

  1. Your mother-in-law must be proud to have you as a daughter. Such a nice letter to honor her. I am blessed to have a mother-in-law who I love and admire, too. She is a best friend to me. And the gift of her son has lasted 33+ years.

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  2. You found a good man, who is a testament to the work of his mother. What a wonderful thank you note! Not all women are so lucky in getting a mother-in-law who accepts the new woman in her son’s life. You will be a great mother-in-law!

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