10 Things Right Now #SOL16 Day 15

Reading: Paper Hearts by Meg Wiviott. It’s a YA novel in verse about WW II. Historical fiction that takes place during WW II is my sweet spot.

Cooking: Steel-cut oats on the stove for breakfast

Thinking About: A friend who needs all of our prayers

Wishing: That losing weight did not involve so much planning and prepping

Planning: A St. Patrick’s Day surprise treat for my son’s teachers

Writing: Every day thanks to this challenge. Taking the time to notice and appreciate more which goes into my writing as well.  This is good for the soul!

Regretting: Letting our son have two Hershey’s kisses after dinner last night.  He could not wind down!  I tucked him in three separate times.

Drinking: A cup of Red Rose tea with skim milk

Looking Forward To: A special guest coming to our school this week (will be able to write about it after it happens)

This post was inspired by Lisa Keeler at http://rdgtchr.blogspot.com/2016/03/10-things-right-now.html. (I substituted regretting for knitting because I don’t knit).  Thank  you, Lisa!



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