Angry People #SOL16 Day 17


Our fourth graders have been studying school integration. When we read and look through the pictures during that time period it is shocking to see white mothers screaming such hateful words at innocent children.  What has turned them into such angry people?  How can they act like this and think it is okay?  


Which got me thinking about our current state of affairs.  I see political candidates who are saying very ugly, undignified things to each other during debates. So many in our country support the hateful, bullying statements one candidate makes. I truly never thought this candidate would have made it this far. What has turned them into such angry people?  How can they see him act like this and think it is okay?  


Fourth grade is a powerful time to study school integration and prejudice of any type. They are at an age where they feel very strongly about fairness and justice.  I think that is why I have made a career of being around these smart little humans each day.  They understand the difference between right and wrong.  What happens along the way? Why can’t adults see it too?



2 thoughts on “Angry People #SOL16 Day 17”

  1. I am disturbed by what students are seeing in today’s political arena. That top picture makes me so sad when I look at it. Why is it ever okay to spew hateful talk to anyone?


  2. Though I generally avoid politics at all costs, I blogged a bit about this just recently. The type of behavior that we’re seeing on the political stage wouldn’t be tolerated in our classrooms. Then I look at the photo you included and that, too, is unimaginable to me. These are scary times.


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