Pistachio Pudding Cake #SOL16 Day 18


Sometimes things are not as easy as they appear.  Or perhaps I get myself into situations that could have been easy if I had just slowed down to plan it out. I’ve been looking forward to an annual St. Patrick’s Day/St. Joseph’s Day party that my friends throw.  Life has been very busy so I came across a recipe for Pistachio Pudding Cake and thought, “Now that should not be time intensive.  It’s green.  It looks yummy. That’s what I’ll make.”


I quickly scanned the ingredients at the beginning of the week and vaguely thought, “I should check the basement.  I’ll bet I have most of these ingredients in the house.”  Fast forward to Friday after dinner at a nearby restaurant and I can remember I need a box of yellow cake mix (already have it), eggs (already have them), and pistachio pudding mix.  I know I need that so I take my four-year old for a quick run through the grocery store before heading home.  We get home and I shower to get the smell of fish and chips off me. I open my computer to scan the ingredients necessary for the cake and realize, “Oh no!  I need club soda!”  We, of course, do not have club soda in the house. At this point it is close to 8pm and my husband does not see why I need to make the cake tonight.

I am going to a half day library conference in the morning and know as I mentally run through my day that I’ll never get this cake done if I wait until tomorrow.  I text my neighbor asking for a cup of club soda.  She texts back, “I don’t have any in the house but my husband just left for Dunkin Donuts to get a coffee.  Do you want me to ask him to stop for you at the grocery store?  He really won’t mind.” I desperately agree to this kind offer. I turn on the oven and take out the ingredients.  My son is bubbling with excitement to make a green cake for the party tomorrow.  My neighbor’s husband rings the bell and hands me two bottles of club soda and refuses to take any money.

We get the cake in the oven and I bring my son in for the bedtime routine of books and bed long after his normal bedtime. I’m yawning my way through the books so when I close his door I go out to the living room and ask my husband to take the cake out of the oven and cover it with a clean kitchen towel for me.  I’m too tired to last the next 20 minutes until the kitchen timer goes off.

As I’m drifting off to sleep my husband comes in to report, “This cake is making me really hungry.  And I took it out of the oven. It looks like it’s from a bakery. Nice job.”

Today I rush out of the house at 8:30am for the conference.  When I leave at noon I go to the grocery store for one more ingredient I refused to ask my neighbor to pick up last night: heavy whipping cream.  Yes, there is still icing to be made.  I knew I could tackle this one today after the conference before leaving for the party.  After we finished lunch my son got up onto the stool at the counter and he poured all the ingredients into the bowl.  I used the electric hand mixer to mix until stiff peaks formed.  My son helped to “paint” the icing on to the cake.  We sprinkled some walnuts on top and put it into the fridge to cool.  My mom will come over in a bit when my son wakes from his nap and we’ll head over with our cake to celebrate the party.


All’s well that ends well.  However, I could have saved myself a considerable amount of time and frustration if I had just taken the time to look at the ingredients and plan it out for this very (what should have been) easy St. Patrick’s Day cake!


8 thoughts on “Pistachio Pudding Cake #SOL16 Day 18”

  1. Nothing simple is ever as simple as it’s supposed to be, right? I’m glad all worked out well (what an amazing neighbor you have!). Enjoy your cake and your party and the memory this created for you and your son. Looks delicious!

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