First Day of Spring #SOL16 Day 20


Groceries bought

laundry done

lunches made

lesson plans ready

colorful flowers on display

Easter bunny movie being watched

First day of Spring


One district already canceled for tomorrow

Latest forecast calls for 6 to 10 inches

Car parked strategically in driveway

for the snow blower to get through

Skies getting gray

We wait to see what tomorrow will bring



6 thoughts on “First Day of Spring #SOL16 Day 20”

  1. I find snow depressing on the first day of spring. We woke to a dusting, but thankfully it melted away, however, it is not warm. I loved that yet, got its own line. Then you laid out other possibilities.

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  2. Oh my! This slice took an unexpected turn. Well, at least if you get a snow day, you have everything ready for when you return to work. You can enjoy the day! I always say…a snow day is a gift!


  3. I hope you have a great day if you do get a snow day. It is colder in the South too, but only cold weather. I wish we would get another dusting before Spring sets in fully, but it was up to 88 Thursday. Now we will be lucky to get out of the 50s tomorrow.


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