Snow Day #SOL16 Day 21


The no school text came through at 8:37pm last night.  The snow had started to come down very lightly.  We would have to see what the night would bring.  Snow days are now announced before there has even been a bit of accumulation.  They are much more uneventful than when we were younger.  We used to wake up in the morning, look out the window, and listen with excitement and anticipation for our school district to be cancelled on the radio.

This morning we get out of bed later than usual: 6:00am.  The breakfast ritual begins.  “We don’t have school today because of the snow outside,” I say to my son as I point out the window.

“Snow? Yay! I’ll need my snow pants, mama,”  he replies.  “Are we going to do projects together?”

“Yes, we’ll do some projects after we eat breakfast,” I say.  He is at an age where he really likes to do projects of any kind.


We start with decorating a little bit for Easter.  I bring up our Easter bins and he eagerly looks through. “Easter time! It’s Easter time! Oh!  The Easter bunny can fill these eggs with chocolate!  Does that sound good?”

“That sounds like a very good plan.  Now the Easter bunny will find the eggs up here and he can fill the eggs with treats,” I say.

“Wow, Dad will be so ‘prised!” He is so proud of the work he has done.


Next we work on Easter gifts for my son’s teachers.  We put each soap in a bunny bag.  He chooses the mini cards and carefully fills out his name inside each one.  I love that he is writing all the letters of his name but just jumbled all over in no order.  It’s so fun to see the progression. He works really hard to sign his name for his teachers – true writing with a purpose.


We move on to a baking project.  I bring up a brownie mix from the basement and take out a mixing bowl.  He sees the items on the counter and gets very excited.  “What are you making, Mom?  I help you?”

He washes his hands and climbs up on the stool.  I slide the bowl over to him and we look at the back of the box for the directions.  I point to the number 325 and explain that is the temperature we need to put the oven on to bake the brownies.  I point to the ingredients and show him that we have each one on the counter for this project.

He happily pours the water and oil into the bowl while I crack the egg.  He mixes and mixes and says, “I got the egg all over.”

“You did exactly what you need to do.  The egg needs to be mixed up into the rest of the ingredients.  Great job!”

He pours in the brownie mix and together we hold the spatula to mix up the heavy brownie batter.  Finally, we pour the batter into the brownie tray. I show him the numbers on the directions to show him that we will put the brownies in the oven for 45 minutes.


As I clean up the kitchen I can hear him chattering away in his imaginative world.  I look over and he has built himself a fort with the cushions from the couch.


I look at the clock and it is only 10:36am. I wish I could bottle his energy. “God bless preschool teachers,” I think to myself.  They stay so busy throughout the day! As soon as the kitchen timer goes off for the brownies, I’ll take them out of the oven and we will take a ride to the public library.



8 thoughts on “Snow Day #SOL16 Day 21”

  1. Your post today made me wince as it brought back so many memories. My “children” are now 32 and 34! You are doing everything a great mother does: paying attention to your son’s interests, teaching him things along the way, giving him confidence, providing him with opportunities to really enjoy his life. You are a super MOM! (The photos are precious)

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  2. Thank you, Barbara, although I feel a little guilty reading your response because part of me just wants some down time to read my own books!


  3. I LOVE snow days! What a fun time to spend with the kids when no one can go anywhere! I am a preschool aide and I just laughed that all of that happened by 10:30!! They are full of energy! Fun Slice!


  4. Your slice made me winced too but not because of childhood memories but rather that you had a snow day this late in March! You sure were productive though! Great pics!


  5. I could not believe you had all that in by 10:30! Wow. Productive snow day! I love your son’s energy and imagination. The picture of him licking the brownie batter was precious!


  6. A snow day now? Ugh! It’s time to send snow packing. You have had a very busy morning. I hope he rests this afternoon so you can enjoy the down time.


  7. I love snow days! It’s fun to huddle up and enjoy a break. I love the projects you chose to do together! I mean, brownies? What better treat for a snow day!


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