Egg Hunt Surprise #SOL16 Day 22


My son came home with a paper bag full of plastic Easter eggs today.  It was a particularly exciting day at preschool.  The eighth grade buddies had a surprise Easter egg hunt for their little friends.  Each child got a paper bag and was instructed to hunt for and collect only the eggs with their names.  What a powerful way to reinforce word recognition!

As soon as we entered the house he hoisted himself on to the kitchen chair and started carefully taking the eggs out of the bag.  He opened each one and pulled out the treasure in amazement.  Inside the eggs he discovered tiny seashells, beach glass, a feather, a pom-pom chick, a little plastic beaver, and a bunny sticker.  He was so pleased with his collection.  Imagine the feeling of knowing that all these riches were his and his alone!

Tonight after his shower we got our three books to read.  He brought the pom-pom chick and the beaver with him as he climbed on up into his big boy bed.  He said, “You can read but I’m going to play with these guys too.” Oh, to be so unencumbered with the worries of our world.  To be this grateful for this egg surprise abundance.  It is truly a gift to see the world through his eyes.

7 thoughts on “Egg Hunt Surprise #SOL16 Day 22”

  1. What a cool idea….and not filled with only candy. I like that the eighth graders took part in this and can imagine that they really had fun putting the eggs together and then hiding them….and instead of the little ones trying to cram as many eggs as they could find into their sacks…they had an even more intricate treasure hunt. Loved this!

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    1. I am really impressed with how this school connects the little ones with the older ones in many different ways throughout the school year. It makes me wish my school had more grades to do things like this.


  2. Such a powerfully sweet post. I love that the eggs contained treasures other than the sugary ones and that your son chose two of those treasures to bring to bed with him. My mind is spinning with variations of this for our K-8 school. Thanks for a delightful post!

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