Earache #SOL16 Day 28


Soft whimpering…my body becomes alert.  More whimpering.  I recognize that sound of distress and know his ear is aching again while he tries to sleep.  We’ve been told he has a high threshold for pain.  That’s why his eardrum has ruptured in the past.  I worry that it will rupture again.  I can’t bear the helpless feeling of waiting for the pediatrician’s office to finally open at 9am.

I slide out of bed and head toward the bathroom.  “I’m going to get you a warm cloth for your ear, Bud.  I’ll be right in,” I softly call to him.  My husband has been sleeping on his floor so he is quietly talking to him.  I enter his room and he’s already on the floor waiting for me.  I lean against the foot board of his bed and he sleepily leans into me.  I put the warm wash cloth on his ear and gently swirl circles on his back.  After a minute or two he swats the cloth off, puts both arms around me, and leans his head on my shoulder.  He’s getting bigger now and I’ll admit I savor every moment when he wants to cuddle like this although I hate to see him sick.

“My ear is really aching.  We go see the doctor, Mom?  I get the medicine and then I’ll feel better?”

“Yes,” I answer, “We’ll bring you to the doctor in the morning and he’ll help you feel better.”

“I’ll take tomorrow off to take him to the doctor,” I say.  My husband replies, “No, you’ve been out a lot this year. I’ll cancel my meetings and take him. ” We know it is an ear infection.  We just don’t know the extent yet.  He’s in pain but we’ve seen him worse.  It is after 3am.  My husband has slept on the floor for two nights now because our son doesn’t like to be alone when he doesn’t feel well. I say, “How about if I get in your bed with you and Dad can get some rest in his bed for a bit?”

We climb up into his bed and get under the covers.  He has requested his Lion Guard soundtrack and although he isn’t feeling well I marvel at the fact that he still sings along a bit.  I finally hear some soft snoring and my body starts to rest.  I wake at almost 6am and leave him to sleep a bit longer.  He is sleeping soundly and very late according to his typical schedule.  Good, I think, his body needs the rest.

*It was an ear infection but thankfully it didn’t rupture.



7 thoughts on “Earache #SOL16 Day 28”

  1. Oh I feel for you. It is so hard to see our little ones in pain. My daughter spent most of her first year sleeping in a car seat due to ear infections. Hopefully they can do something to prevent them.

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  2. I’m sorry your daughter has had to endure them too. We’re on our third ear infection and they didn’t happen until we switched to a new preschool at 3 1/2.


  3. Ear Infections are so hard. My daughters fought with them when they were younger, with my young youngest having them almost constantly. Finally ended up with a specialist who put her on allergy medicine for a month, they cleared up and never a problem since. Good luck with your child’s ears.

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  4. Earaches are the worst, there’s not much you can do to until you get ear drops or medicine. My son was constantly having ear infections, so we went to a specialist who was planning to put tubes in, but for once in his life the canals were clear. We were finished with nonstop earaches.

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  5. Aw, ear infections are awful! I’m glad that his ear didn’t rupture and hopefully he’s feeling better from the medicine already. My daughter ended up with tubes in her ears because all the infections she had were starting to cause some hearing loss. Hopefully your son won’t get to that point!


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