Thankful Moments #SOL16 Day 27


In the days leading up to Easter I tended to focus on the recent loss of my dad and traditions of years past.  But as I reflect on Easter 2016 I have so many thankful moments. It is these moments that are cause for celebration.

Saturday morning: Our son cleans up his toys in the living room without being asked and is beaming with pride when my husband and I tell him what a terrific and helpful boy he is.

Saturday morning: Our son’s face when we head outside to take a walk and a car pulls up with two of his preschool friends.  We surprised him with his first “play date” to color eggs with his little buddies. “We really surprised you, Bud!” I say.  He does the happy dance and yells, “What?  This is a BIG ‘prise! My friends are here!”

Saturday evening: Our son makes a card for the Easter bunny to leave out with a carrot and a cookie.  “Mom, can you help me make a heart?  I want to let the Easter Bunny know I love Easter!”

Saturday night: Our son wakes up crying with an earache.  My husband get him Children’s Advil and as he reaches for the medicine cup he says in a soft voice, “Thanks, Daddy.” My husband gets a blanket and a pillow and heads into our son’s room to sleep on his floor. We know from experience when he’s not feeling well he doesn’t want to be alone.  ‘What an incredible and caring man I managed to marry’ is my last thought as I drift off to sleep.

Sunday morning: Seeing our son squirming with excitement when he looks through the contents of his Easter basket.  Watching him gleefully discover Easter eggs the Bunny hid for him throughout the house.  Smiling to myself as he pops jelly beans into his mouth because I know he knows this is definitely not the norm.  “This Easter Bunny is a tricky bunny!” he exclaims as he finds eggs even hidden in his bedroom.

Sunday morning: My husband remarking, “Your Dad’s mind must be blown today with the way they celebrate Easter in heaven.” What an awesome thought!

Later Sunday morning: Watching my son hugging his grandmas, aunts, uncles, and cousins.  Looking over and seeing my niece reading a book to our son.  Seeing the cousins all squished together on a sofa at the restaurant we went to for brunch.  Laughing when my brother relays a funny story about being in line and telling our son he plans to eat a LOT of fruit.  Our son says, “Moderation.”  My brother is floored that a person this small had that as a reply.  Watching my mom and mother-in-law laughing and enjoying the delicious meal.  ‘I’m glad these two are enjoying themselves.  How many holidays did they have to work hard to host?’

Sunday afternoon: Taking a walk with our son in the sunshine.  He brings along his new bubbles and chases them happily through the street and on to neighbors’ lawns.   “Where are all the kids?  Why isn’t anyone outside today?” he asks. “All the cars outside the houses lets you know they are celebrating Easter with their cousins just like you did this morning.  They’ll be back out another day.”

Later Sunday afternoon: Listening to our son do imaginative play with his new Lion Guard figurines while my husband puts together new dining room chairs.  Our son drifts in and out of helping his dad with this new “project”but the business of play at the age of four wins out.




6 thoughts on “Thankful Moments #SOL16 Day 27”

  1. I lost my dad this January, so this is the first holiday without him. We are trying to carry on his traditions as well. What a wonderful couple of days you have spent with your two special guys!


    1. I’m sorry for your loss. I’m sure it’s very comforting to carry on his traditions. I hope that you and your family had a good day too.

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  2. These words are brimming with joy. Tears fell as I read this line your husband said, “Your Dad’s mind must be blown today with the way they celebrate Easter in heaven.” I LOVE this thought. His words helped me too. Thank you for sharing your JOY! Happy Easter!

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