The End of the Road #SOL16 Day 31


It is hard to believe the month has come to an end.  I’m not ready.  I have settled into my routine.  I look forward to coming up with the slice I will write.  I really look forward to reading people’s comments.  I very much enjoy reading others’ slices.  I am amazed by the honesty, the talent, and the heart in this online writing community.  Some blogs I’ve followed all month and now after reading and learning about the bloggers they feel like friends.  So it is hard to say goodbye.

My husband is a very private person and is probably relieved that I will no longer be putting our family moments out into the world.  But this came at a time when I really needed it.  I had just lost my dad and felt a little unmoored.  I wanted to be true to myself (which was one of my dad’s favorite pieces of advice).  I wanted to write.  I wanted to take on the challenge and prove to myself I could do it.  I wanted something just for me. Something apart from being a mom, a wife, and a teacher. I wanted to take time to notice, to reflect, to create.  It felt good.  It felt more than good – it felt necessary.

I would like to continue writing.  Now that I found my rhythm I am unwilling to let it end. However, when I’m writing just for me I’m not sure  if it will hold the same appeal. Reading people’s comments was so motivating and deeply satisfying.  Knowing someone else had read my words and took the time to respond felt like a gift. I will miss that.  Maybe the takeaway is to find more purposeful ways to let my library students write book reviews for an audience who can respond. Maybe the takeaway is to keep writing those moments for my son to look back on someday.

I want to thank Betsy, Anna, Stacey, Deb, Tara, and Kathleen for putting together this Slice of Life March writing challenge.  I want to thank all the writers who put their ideas out into the world each day.  It has truly been a pleasure.  I have learned through all of you and enjoyed myself immensely.

All the best to you!



7 thoughts on “The End of the Road #SOL16 Day 31”

  1. Such a lovely goodbye. It sounds like the SOL Challenge was very timely for you and helped you break through that wall of privacy we all have to get through. Now that you have some new habits, keep them going. Someone who got so much out of this month of writing should definitely continue to write. How about starting a teacher/writing/blogging group in your school?


  2. I had to laugh when you mentioned your husband and not sharing your life, my husband had that same reaction. “Oh no, what are you writing about?” He will get used to it and you will be glad to have all these slices of life that would slip away and be forgotten. Keep the writing happening on Tuesdays. It’s a way to hone that writing skill you’ve been sharpening all month long. 🙂


  3. So glad you joined! It’s been great reading your slices and your comments have touched me this month. Thank you. Be sure to come back on Tuesdays!


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